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Lock City Music Group features a merging of different collaborative organizations that once operated independently in Stamford. Initially offering music lessons as The Pop Music Academy, recording & production services as Stamford Recording Studio, and music business services as Elise Music Group, these organizations now operate together under the same brand and company. Originally founded back in 2012 by Stamford-native Christine Occhino, the business has since grown beyond the NYC Metropolitan Area to serve an international clientele. Now consolidating the various operations as of 2020, the Lock City name serves as a reminder of the city where it all began. "Lock City" was once the nickname for Stamford back when Linus Yale and Henry Towne established the Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company in 1968. There, they invented the original tumbler lock, and eventually became the leading manufacturer of locks around the world, putting Stamford on the map with the once popular moniker. In its heyday, Yale & Towne took up the entire area between Pacific, Henry, Canal, and Market Streets in Stamford's South End, and employed approximately one-fourth of Stamford's population. The company even had its own power source, healthcare system, workers' housing, and school. Like with many other American industrial manufacturers, the business eventually ended up leaving town and moving its production overseas, but the influence it had can still be seen today with namesake real estate developments in place where the old factory once stood. Incorporating this old nickname is our way of acknowledging and paying homage to our home city, and the place where we are still headquartered today.