NOTE: The music being submitted will be released on all available digital retailers.
4. Is this your FIRST release on Spotify and / or Apple Music?
NOTE: Release time will be 12 AM in the listener’s timezone. Preorder will be available one week before release date, unless otherwise specified.

IMPORTANT: Artwork should not contain any of the following at risk of being rejected by retailers: A website address (URL); social media handles; the terms ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Limited Edition;’ any image that’s blurry, pixelated, rotated, or poor quality; unlicensed/stock photography; prices; store logos (such as iTunes or Spotify); nudity; grotesque images; or references to physical media (example: “CD” or “Compact Disc”).

NOTE: Single songs will be priced at $0.99, and EPs/albums will be structured with the same pricing scale based on how many songs appear on the release, unless otherwise specified.
NOTE: Song(s) will be added to Instagram and Facebook for free.
17. Do you want to upgrade to any of the following options? If yes, please check the applicable boxes, and keep a look out for the related invoice to your email. Invoices must be completed within 24 hrs in order to upgrade to any of these add-ons with your distribution.

Thanks for submitting!